Dear Jaycee Lee

I finally saw your story on TV. I can’t begin to say how you made a difference in my life. You are a true inspiration.

In the beginning, I am sure you got everyone wondering how you managed not to lose your mind. It all sounded so awful to be bound like you were and away from your mother at such a tender age where it is inconceivable for most children. I suppose it’s a natural instinct to do all we can to survive. That makes “it” somewhat a little easier to understand. Mind you, some people are stronger that others and I can’t help but wonder how many would have given up had they been in your situation.

I was touched when I heard you speak so fondly of your two little girls and their “father” as you put it. Most of us would be very bitter and lose touch with reality. But you didn’t. Really, he provided the cells and has such he was their father. From what I understood, that is the one thing the girls knew about him and you seem to have left it at that. You kept the situation as “normal” as possible and the drama at a distance.

Then, it was the strength you exhibited and your fondness of life as a whole that caught me off guard. Simply you getting on with your life and being so grateful about it all. Here is where you made a huge difference. All that gratitude is an incentive for anyone to let go of the past and move on with the future. It makes me realize that life is really what you make it to be and can only be as good as you let it be.

On this late note, I vow to think back at the beautiful things you said every time I am fixated on the dark and will remain forever grateful for the darkness that you so thoughtfully turned into light.


3 thoughts on “Dear Jaycee Lee

    • Absolutely. I actually watched the rerun on 20/20 a few while ago and Gen was sitting there quietly listening. In the end, it seemed to give her a more positive outlook on life as she is struggling from feeling trapped. It was a very positive experience. 🙂

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