Did I mention Leigha?

The sleeping Child, Acrylic on canvas 22 x 28 – A painting of Leigha

Leigha is 18 years old. She’s in her second year of nursing at our local college.

She’s the one that often feels left out because of her sister’s medical condition.

But Leigha is smart, very independent, loves to laugh out loud, and very mature for her age. When she was just short of turning 14, she decided to move to her grandmother’s – at a distance of 800 km – to get away from the family situation. Although that was very difficult for me as a mother, I realize it was very grand of her to take control of her life like that.

When Leigha was born, she was the most amazing baby. The memories I hold of her, from the moment I first took her into my arms, are very profound and heartwarming. Being as calm as she was, as a little girl, she would fall asleep anywhere, anytime. I would find her sleeping in the middle of the living room, under a table, or in her highchair. Once, I found her on the rocking chair of her bedroom. I took a photograph of the priceless moment and eventually used it to create my first painting.  I will never forget the feeling of when I traced her little features on the canvas; it took my breath away. I used Golden heavy body acrylics for this piece and applying the many layers of paint remain fresh in my memory to this day. When I have a hard time finding sleep, I visualize applying the transparency of Alizarin Crimson on Leigha’s dress and that is the last thing I remember.


9 thoughts on “Did I mention Leigha?

  1. I’m so sorry to hear you went through something so difficult, especially given the fact that you need support – and not just any type of support. And yes, mine left when my daughters were very small. The relationship was apparently over for him when my youngest was barely two. Having a sick child and dealing with the hardships on my own was very hard, and not only for myself but mostly for Leigha. She needed her father and reached out but he didn’t reply. It is still difficult to this day. The girls keep going back and hoping but he remains unresponsive and detached.

    I do hope you have a good circle around you and that you find peace through it all. Do not hesitate to email me if you need to. Big big hugs to you.

    • Yes it’s very difficult. Sometimes the worst is when your child cries they want a dad so badly. So they will turn to the one they don’t trust and are afraid of and grope for an ounce of support and they get fake tough talk and no real support. Watching them crumble because they were hoping that he might have change for the better and their hopes were dashes yet again. THAT breaks my heart.

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