Daily prompt: Define flangiprop

Flangiprop: noun \ˈflanjēpräp\ Referred to as any of the first articles that serve as the basis of the making of a strong blog.

If you have missed out on my flangiprops, you can access them by clicking on the titles.

1) In a desperate moment. This flangiprop, as that of many other blogs I believe, is the front door to this blog. It talks about a my daughter’s suicide attempt and my sense of loss and desperation as a mother.

2) Deliverance. A sense of peace is found when I realize I am not the only mother out there that feels so much pain from having a sick child and everything that comes with it. This flangiprop discusses a “self-help” change in perspective.

3) Dear Jaycee Lee. This flangiprop spells courage. It always helps to realize people go through unimaginable things and make it through sane.

4) Did I mention Leigha? An introduction to a very important person that often goes unnoticed. My daughter Leigha in the outskirts of her sister’s illness.

5) Why psychiatry does more harm than good. A flangiprop on the twisted side of psychiatry and the effect can have on the outcome of treatment.

I may have been inspired by this daily prompt, but let see what some of my favorite bloggers used as their first ever flangiprop.

Final trick is an inspiring blog teaching me tons about the reality of living with EDS type III. The first flangiprop is that of an “about me” that swallowed me into something personal which in turn inspired a sense of trust in me (I really needed that).

Life&Ink is the very inspiring blog of an amazing writer and the first flangiprop is “On being tamed“. A beautiful post that says it all and I quote “Being tamed is painting my life in highly saturated hues”.

TGS Writes! is a baby blog – baby as in newborn. Its first flangiprop “Why I want to write fiction” says it all. I’m in!

I could go on but this post would go on forever as flangiprops are the bits of inspiring information that make up every blog!


9 thoughts on “Daily prompt: Define flangiprop

  1. What a great definition and what a creative mind you have! I saw this prompt and I was all like, make up a definition, oh my, how do you do that!?! It’s the same way I feel when presented with a blank canvas and paints. But, funny, when presented with blank paper and a pen, I am fired up for the challenge!

    Thank you for thinking of me and including me in this post, it’s quite an honor. And flangiprop, the post that is seldom ever read. So thanks for being quite possibly the one and only person who read my flangiprop! 🙂

    • Then do because I can’t wait to read what’s new! Your blog is the first that came to my mind because you have made such a difference in our life. EDS is mostly difficult – and lets put the pain aside for one sec – because of the impairment that comes with it and the fact that it is simply misunderstood and “hidden” in society as a whole. Thank you for everything. 🙂

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