Fleeting: the beautiful sign of a wonderful day

Gen's recent drawing with her Bamboo tablet.

Gen’s recent drawing  using her Bamboo tablet.

Gen created this chicken drawing this week using her Wacom Bamboo Tablet. It’s a wonderful little piece of technology she loves as it means less strain on her hands. Using a pencil is becoming more and more difficult.

This image is the sign of a wonderful day and perhaps of hope in managing the pain that comes with connective tissue disorders as well as her ability to sit long enough to fight back her most recent difficulties in standing or sitting for any amount of time!

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26 thoughts on “Fleeting: the beautiful sign of a wonderful day

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  4. Hi Sheep!

    I love your new theme… I thought I was at the wrong blog! It’s so easy for me to see and the white on black is the best for my light sensitivity issues–I come across themes like that from time to time, but haven’t seen this one. I can’t change mine–I’m too much of a traditionalist! Plus, my brother created my whole blog due to my vision at the time so it is what it is–blinding white background and all!

    I also love Gen’s art (have no idea what this tablet is), but it looks HAPPY. I think creativity like that is only possible when we are in a certain state of mind. I truly hope things are changing for the better since the Dx and the new meds. I know if I could find anything to get my pain to a tolerable level (and could see!), I could do something with my life: volunteer, get out more, whatever. Great news and thanks for sharing. I hope that one day Gen will post her words on your blog. 🙂


    • Ah! I knew you would like the new theme! At least I was hoping you would – and believe it or not, I thought about you when I found it! lol But yours is awesome so you don’t want to change it. 🙂

      The new meds are making a huge difference. I’m expecting a bad day any day but she really feels different with them. I see her doing things like standing in the living room or after her bath and I don’t dare say anything not to jinx it. Then the physio yesterday couldn’t believe it when she saw her walking down the corridor – we didn’t need the wheelchair so it was pretty awesome. She did 5 minutes on a recumbent bike with handles for the arms – not sure what it’s called and it was pretty difficult. I think she did 30 seconds using her arms. Then her knee was causing problems. Not sure what that is. Hope there is nothing behind that. So today, she’s having significant hip pain and she’s tired but that’s to be expected. Because she’s at a minimal dosage, I think there would be room to increase the meds if she needed it. She feels so liberated and her mood she says has also improved. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Oh and she also got her new bed – it was a donation of course as I couldn’t have afforded it. It’s an adjustable bed (electric) and it’s a memory foam mattress. I hope it will offer some comfort and lessen the pain.

      Maybe soon she’ll start visiting blogs like yours and Katie’s. Maybe she’ll have her own blog! And yes, there is a lot of happiness in that drawing – the background is so very colorful!

      I really wish you could find a way to deal with that pain. There’s a printout that comes with the video and I’m wondering if any of the proposed medication could be useful? I’ve been thinking about it for Gen as we need start managing that as well – although it’s not at the level of you’re experiencing for sure. She did however mention something interesting to the physio yesterday – saying that she was managing her OI by focusing on her pain but that now she’s not sure how she’s going to manage the pain. Almost like she’s using one or the other to deal with whichever is worst. All this is so complex.

      Thanks for visiting A. xox

      • Aw, thanks for thinking of me.

        I sleep on an air bed (the kind that blows up and I keep it rather deflated–not ideal) as the bed in here is so hard and I do better on soft air beds. Memory foam kills me (like sitting and the rest), but we’re all different. I wish I could float in the air and have nothing touching my muscles, but then I’d have to go to outer space. Lol!

        I don’t think her meds will stop working and if the OI gets worse, you can always dose up as you mentioned. There’s nothing left for my pain. I’ve tried over 50 medications (probably 50 I forgot–I made a list for a doc once from what I recalled). They don’t know what to do for me and I don’t respond to pain meds like narcotics and I can’t tolerate them anyway. It’s rather hopeless. I take 3 meds (none are labeled for pain) and they help about 20%. I do have lists of all the various meds used for this and that with EDS and for pain/sleep issues. I’m either on them or have already tried them. Sigh…

        Gen will probably be different as most can take conventional drugs and manage that way. Even NSAIDs help some EDSers out, but they’re like candy for me that also give me ulcers! Haha.

        Glad the PT went well. She’s very deconditioned so it will take time (and she will be sore after–just like when you start working out, but worse). She probably has never had much muscle I presume, so there’s no memory there like with me (I rebuild it quickly as I was a big gym person pre-EDS and don’t have the OI issues). I get arthralgias from time to time (like in my knees), but if I stay strong, they tend to go away as my muscles are working more than my joints I suppose. So, Gen just needs to stick it out. I have no clue how you encourage a teen to do that! I’d ask the PT if ice would help after her sessions. I just tough it out since I deal with pain 24/7, but it’s harder when you’re not used to it.

        Good news, nonetheless..

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  14. That piece of art looks very professional! Sorry to hear about your daughter’s pain.

    DO let me know what i can draw for her as i would like to draw something (i draw silhouettes) 🙂

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