Amazing companionship!

Companions my daughter Gen can’t live without.

1) Blakey the Indian Ringneck. He’s now one year old and talks up a storm. His voice is gentle and a pleasure to hear. We think he’s a male and soon he should be having a ring around his neck! I got him for her so to give her a reason to fight her connective tissue disorder.


2) Gen’s dog Hailey. She’s a cross between a Rottweiler and a GSD. She turns 7 in November!!! She says the word “Rottweiler”. She came along when I was trying to figure out what was happening with Gen. I so wanted to make her feel better. Finally, Hailey saved us all!

Hailey the Canadian dog

3) Gen’s gaming tool – Xbox controller SCUF which she says is gentle on her fingers and hands. She ordered it from the States and it’s well worth the price plus the colors and a ton of other options are all custom! The SCUF controller is the proof that Gen is controlling her illness rather than it being the other way around.

The Tool


27 thoughts on “Amazing companionship!

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  3. Gen’s companions look a lot like mine! Except for instead of a bird I have my chatty cat. 🙂 My baby Brandi dog was also a rottweiler cross, she was such a sweetheart.
    That’s an awesome controller! I’m so glad she found one that works for her (and looks good doing it!). Games are always an excellent way to make time feel like it’s going by faster.

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  5. I can feel a change in your posts. Hopefully the wind is blowing in a different direction for Gen after so long. I have no idea about gaming, but I do know how special pets are. I’m going through more possible problems with mine and am a basket case (hence all the comments!). I hope all of Gen’s are doing well…
    A 🙂

    • I guess the gaming is a social thing for her and she has control as she’s pretty good – maybe that part of it makes her feel better. I keep good thoughts for your 3-legged (right?) cat, I sure hope it’s fine.

      I’m feeling overwhelmed – meant to write about that because I hadn’t expected that but I can see the light now as opposed to “what should I do?” all the time. 🙂 Have a good night now. I’m running off to a family reunion!

      • Glad you can see the light (what’s that?!) and thanks for the thoughts on my 3-legged wonder. You remembered! She’s my whole life and I love her so much. I am so sick of sickness I could scream! Have fun today… 🙂

      • Of course I remember. 🙂 You should speak about Little Wonder on your blog. And maybe post a photo? I’d love to see him and hear about him. I know how much more to life a pet can bring. Could not live without ours. 🙂

      • I’ve wanted to but her (she’s a she) story is so long and now this new nightmare. I’m trying to distract myself until the biopsy results come in. I was such a mess a couple days ago I just kept taking double doses of Klonopin due to my anxiety (I take less than prescribed–don’t worry). I don’t know what I’m going to do. 😦

      • Oh no. The biopsy – for her? I think I missed out on something or forgot something. 😦

        I hope she’ll be OK and I understand how important she is to you. I will keep special thoughts for her.

      • Thank you. I really appreciate it. She developed myxosarcoma 4 yrs ago (when I saw the lump, anyway)–it’s a deadly cancer and very invasive, but as it was in her shoulder joint, it had a 90% cure rate w/amputation, which was devastating, but the oncologist and her vet all agreed it was worth it (and I can’t live w/o her!). I had to make sure I was doing the right thing for her, of course. She’s a petite cat, so she’s so teeny now and the recovery was awful and then she had to re-learn to walk, etc. We had so many follow-ups–the only worry was of that small chance of metastatic disease and this was caught at stage 1. The oncologist (very good) told me he considered the area where the cancer had been to be cured–and those docs don’t like that word. So, at 4 yrs out, this was behind us. I felt a little bump where her leg had been last week and some odd, tendon-y type things in that area (not exactly like before), but got her to the vet ASAP and her vet did a small biopsy that night. No mucin like last time (these things are filled with mucin and weird), but it wasn’t really encapsulated. If this were just in a different area, I wouldn’t be such a mess as they don’t show up in another place. I don’t have friends/family–I just have my cat (who doesn’t act like one). If it’s the same, then that’s it and I literally have no clue what I’ll do–I stay alive for her!

        OK, I’m really sorry I just dropped all that on your blog. I try to keep things to myself, but mentioned it to someone online the other day who simply told me her sister’s cat was just put down. Oh, that’s why I don’t tell people things–silly me! I have to get going as I do the floors in here on Sundays–ugh. Thanks, Sheep. ❤

      • But I don’t want you to keep these things to yourself. How can I have a good thought for her if I don’t know this – and for you as well? 😦 You’re my most “important” blogging buddy right now. Hang in there – and do let me know.

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