Peaceful sky of red


Canno’t help but wonder if Blakey is enjoying the beauty around him. Come back little bird we miss you too much and are worried sick about you.


10 thoughts on “Peaceful sky of red

  1. A red sky means the weather will be good at least, so let’s hope Blakey is just being a bird still. I’m really feeling better since you spotted him and he was well. I know it’s still hard, though. I do love red skies and the little song about them. I like your little town and the topography… Well, haven’t seen the town yet! It’s so strange to see water everywhere. That’s how it was growing up with Lk. Washington, Lk. Union, and Puget Sound (stinks like seaweed) and now just sandy dirt and dust! If it keep my pain below an 8, so be it. The desert mountains on the outskirts of the valley have a certain beauty while driving in the ugly city, and now I can see them again! Love your photos… Keep them coming!

    • The town is Dalhousie and it’s right at the north end of New Brunswick. Google it. You’ll see.

      I sure hope Blakey is enjoying his outing rather than having a hard time. I know he must miss us but I think there is so much going on out there and he must be busy looking for food… The weather so far has been amazing as you can see by this picture. I used to always say that when I was little that the following day would be a good one because of pink skies. Only yesterday, it looked as thought there were forest fires out there. Don’t know if I’m making any sense as I’m so heart broken.

      Oh and we also have the stink of seaweeds here! Love it as it smells like home. 😉

      I’ve heard the desert is a nice place to be. My ex wanted to move to the desert. He was from Halifax. A total asshole (he didn’t look like it but in the end he was a bag of lies), one day I’ll speak about him and turn it into something funny. 😀

      • I Googled your town and saw the old pulp mill! Remember that in my post–lol! I wonder how many people I’ve offended on my blog? It really sounds a bit like the WA coast, except W. WA is temperate due to the Cascade Mts. that run up to B.C. The mts. keep all the clouds overhead and cause all the rain and keep it from getting super cold, despite the latitude–like Vancouver. They divide the state in 1/2, so E. WA is all snowed in during the winter with hot, dry summers. Very strange. Omg–the power just went out 3 times and I looked out the window and the monsoon is back. It looks like a tornado is coming and it’s going to flood this time. Crap. I live on the valley floor so this is where you get feet of water (glad I never stay on the ground floor, but I need my A/C!). It was 110 F today. I see that I have no internet right now so why the heck am I writing? Oh, huge thunder!!! Crap. Life in the SW in the summer. What an exciting comment as you get to be right in the thick of it with me–if we wash away, tell my story to someone. Haha. I’m like this every year as it may rain non-stop in Seattle, but the monsoon is so scary. Oh, internet looks like it’s back so sending this off. Omg–the rain just started. It’s insane–oh, power went out 2 more times and the fire doors just slammed shut. I’m gonna die Sheep! I’ll take a pic from the window and do what with it? I have a blog I need to refer you to so just remind me as everything is conking out now. Send me a ship–the parking lot and street are like a river in 2 mins here! No internet so will wait to send this.
        Weirdest comment to date!

      • This was the funniest comment ever and from the start!!! The mill part ah ah! I remember when you wrote that! Lol 🙂

        You made my day! Well, we’re night now… xo

      • I’m still alive! Goodnight and glad you got a laugh–I can’t believe it just hit like that as the sky was clear when I got up (like 4 hrs ago!). Glad you were along for the ride. Oh, it’s going to be a fun week with this!!! 🙂

    • Aw thanks for checking in on us. We’re having a hard time and I’m essentially “paralyzed” when something goes wrong – seems like I’m getting worse. The realization that Blakey is most probably gone forever is difficult. We’re lucky Gen made all these videos of him. It’s soothing to look at them. Birds do fly and all of us bird people need to realize that. Was just telling Gen she needs to funnel some that energy into making an informative blog on parrots.

      • Aw, I know this is so hard and I’m back in the storm with you as I start MM’s cancer drug tonight. Sheep, I really want you to try to find a counselor and I’m serious. Speaking as a friend who goes to one for next to nothing based on income down here. This is where I get new tools for my tool box and can just vent and strategize. I do have a lot of survival skills that have helped me, but what we live with is TOO much for anyone. Things were MUCH worse before I got into counseling again 2 yrs ago or so (I had a panic attack while driving that was so bad I ended up in the ER as it was on the corner!). Just think of it as part of that weight being lifted off your shoulders–my pain even feels a bit better after my session. 🙂

        I’m so awful at asking for help, but I’m trying to do it now. The rent in the motel is outrageous this time around and I could rent a big house for what I pay (but they won’t rent to me w/o employment). I talked to management today, who knows I’m a great tenant, and they knocked off $1/nt. Yeah, it’s like $30 less a month, but if I hadn’t have asked, I wouldn’t have gotten it. I’ll take it! My PT is cutting out due to ins. and they said I could write a hardship letter to pay less and I was not going to–I was raised to never ask for help, but the crap has hit the fan w/MM’s vet bills and I can’t pull $260/mo from my savings for PT once a week. So, off to do that and bury my shame. Please think about it. You have to be the rock for Gen and no one expects you to figure that out on your own. I’m always here, but I think a pro would be so great if you have any resources in your little town.
        xoxo (and keep in touch!!!)

      • I know what you mean about the paralysis. It’s terrible. I’m so sorry that you guys are going through this. 😦 I’ve lost pets before and you really never stop looking.

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