One year anniversary: Let’s celebrate with little Thor!


It was worth getting up every few hours during the night for two weeks and then dropping him off at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute, his new home, where he’s now being cared for and will be released in the wild when the time is right. Little Thor – amazing and strong little creature!

It was a big year that started off pretty rough, but now seems to be taking a turn for the best. We went from Gen being totally ignored to now having all these appointements scheduled because people are getting a little a lot worried. Let’s hope this will be a year where some progress will have been made for all EDSers – especially those that seem to have no way out or no one to turn to like my dear friend A.


10 thoughts on “One year anniversary: Let’s celebrate with little Thor!

  1. Aw, thanks Sheep. I only wish the same for Gen and am glad you have some specialists near you who are taking things seriously at last. Is Thor a squirrel? He looks like all the critters we have back home in WA and I was always afraid I’d run over one and never be able to live with myself. Glad you found a little project helping an animal.

    • Yes, Thor is a little Red Squirrel! My friend’s daughter found two of them on her driveway and she left them there overnight thinking the mom would pick them up (how???). The next day, they were still there so they called Gen to take them in. We lost one after a few days. Thor made it! Anyway, it was a challenging two weeks because you have to feed them every few hours and they are so fragile they normally don’t make it. Even the Institute told us they had never been able to save one so small. Gen has a gift they say. It made me feel really good to see him in this picture three months later! So happy he made it.

      Losing Blakey was so very hard. We still find it difficult. I’m hoping we’ll adopt another one soon. We did adopt a Pearl Conure – but it’s so very different. Indian ringnecks are sooo sweet. Thanks for stopping by so quick. 🙂

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