Indian ringneck bird [aka] plain-ole-parrot as we call it in India :) [a sketch]

This amazing artist and blogger made this for Gen. It’s an indian ringneck and he drew it from his mouse. Read on!

so i wrote

I drew this one for a little girl half the world away who is suffering from Connective tissue disorder. I came across a piece of art this kid had drawn —

As most of my art makes no sense apart from giving me some joy, i thought it would be useful to share some art (and joy). Hope this talented kid recovers soon!

get_well_soonThat’s a parrot standing on one leg, with the other one raised, on a finger.

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Amazing companionship!

Companions my daughter Gen can’t live without.

1) Blakey the Indian Ringneck. He’s now one year old and talks up a storm. His voice is gentle and a pleasure to hear. We think he’s a male and soon he should be having a ring around his neck! I got him for her so to give her a reason to fight her connective tissue disorder.


2) Gen’s dog Hailey. She’s a cross between a Rottweiler and a GSD. She turns 7 in November!!! She says the word “Rottweiler”. She came along when I was trying to figure out what was happening with Gen. I so wanted to make her feel better. Finally, Hailey saved us all!

Hailey the Canadian dog

3) Gen’s gaming tool – Xbox controller SCUF which she says is gentle on her fingers and hands. She ordered it from the States and it’s well worth the price plus the colors and a ton of other options are all custom! The SCUF controller is the proof that Gen is controlling her illness rather than it being the other way around.

The Tool

The Artist’s Eye

Five or six years ago, while living in Montreal I went to an art exhibition that blew me away. The artist was Mark Lang. I love appropriation as a form of art and Lang has to be one of the greatest in the field. Check out his appropriation of Jan Van Eyck’s Les époux Arnolfini. Notice the adaptations of Lang. It is quite the analogy and really, have things changed that much over time? Not really, it seems. Perhaps that’s why so many of us find comfort in the warmth of older houses and decors.

Let others show you art!


Marriage, by Mark Lang. Oil on canvas 60″ x 49″, 2009


The Arnolfini Portrait, by Jan van Eyck, 1434

Fleeting: the beautiful sign of a wonderful day

Gen's recent drawing with her Bamboo tablet.

Gen’s recent drawing  using her Bamboo tablet.

Gen created this chicken drawing this week using her Wacom Bamboo Tablet. It’s a wonderful little piece of technology she loves as it means less strain on her hands. Using a pencil is becoming more and more difficult.

This image is the sign of a wonderful day and perhaps of hope in managing the pain that comes with connective tissue disorders as well as her ability to sit long enough to fight back her most recent difficulties in standing or sitting for any amount of time!

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The journey: the early signs

Detail of L'écolière - Oil on Canvas Her last year in school

Detail of L’écolière – Oil on Canvas
Her last year in school


There is no way I will let her see the light by having surgery. That’s because I have to make sure she is fine, that everything is under control. This time around, it will not be days before they let me hold my child. I will do all that I can. I refuse to focus on the possible outcome of second trimester bleeding, pre eclampsia, and pre term labor. I am going to get through it all. Continue reading

Where’s your disabled person?

A few months ago I decided to ask for a disabled parking permit for Genny. Every time she needs to get out of the car I go nuts from worry and start counting the steps she will need to take to get to destination. Then of course I worry about the inside of the building, how far she will need to walk and whether she will have to stand. Standing is no longer an option for her and walking is excruciating.  Continue reading