hiding behind the sheep

I’m a woman, mother of two teens, and a biologist.

I am not someone’s wife – I wish I were.

I’m very sociable but tend to keep to myself. My life has been very interesting – it has been good and bad.

I started blogging because sometimes unexpected things happen and then you don’t know how to deal with them.

I’ve met people on this blog who have changed my life for the better. Really!

I have a child who is sick.

I’ve experienced rotten relationships. One day I will write about them in a funny way.

Thank you for the visit and please drop by again.


5 thoughts on “hiding behind the sheep

    • Thank you Katie! I’m so honored to be nominated by you for this wonderful award. What an amazing thing! I’ll be sure to participate!

      I’m really happy if anything I could have done or said has made you feel supported. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that I’m under the impression I don’t take care of people enough. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have all the support we do at this moment. You have made a tremendous difference in our lives and am truly grateful for all you have done. You are an amazing and beautiful young woman.
      Double hugs to you! xo

      • Awe thank you so much for the kind words! They mean so much. I’m really glad that I could do something, even the smallest of things, that could make a positive difference in your lives, especially after everything you’ve both been through.

        And don’t worry, I completely understand, you’ve got a lot going on outside of the blog writing/reading! Even I go weeks without being able to find the time to write or check in and I’m not a very busy person to begin with!

        Which reminds me; the awards can prove to be a bit time consuming so you definitely aren’t obligated to pass them along. Either way I just like to nominate my favorite blogs as a way of saying thanks and putting them out there for more people to find. 🙂

        Hope you and Gen have a good day. I hope she’s as pain free as possible!

        Hugs xx

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