Did I mention Cole?

ColeCole is my 5-year-old German Shepherd. There is no feeling like having him sleep on the floor next to my bed every night.

We rescued him when he was barely 3 months old. He was found in the woods along with his identical sister in mid-January. Both dogs were taken to the local university vet hospital and it was assumed they had been kept in a tight cage since birth. It took them a week to learn how to walk.

I love that picture of him because we can really see his gentle and innocent nature. He’s very insecure and dependent, but he’s a wonderful boy.


10 thoughts on “Did I mention Cole?

  1. Awww, I just love pups, they are the greatest of friends and one of life’s greatest sources of love!!! He’s beautiful and I know he loves sleeping near you as much as you love sleeping near him!!! 🙂

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